Dr. Perry's Couples' Cruise of Alaska continues with a final day at sea. A fabulous way for you and your partner to get to know the beautiful ship a little better with a walk around the deck or to get to know each other a little more with a day in your beautiful cabin offering amazing ocean views. All you have seen, all you have learned comes together today and for the rest of your life. Dr. Perry's Couples' Cruise. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the best relationship expert in the world, book today. http://jmperrylearning.blogspot.com/2012/02/couples-cruise-to-alaska.html
I am taking my radio show on the road this Saturday! Join me at Jewelry Couture from 9 to 11 in the morning and share your "Couples Story" with my audience. How you met... first date... how the question was popped... your couples' story will be heard on News Talk 1520 KVTA! A reception follows the program where you and your significant other learn about my romantic "Couples Cruise" to Alaska! Jewelry Couture is the premier store for beautiful bling that will make your heart sing! Cheers! http://jewelry-couture.com/
Dr. Perry's Couples' Cruise includes one of the most picturesque places on the planet, Alaska's Inside Passage. Grab your camera and get ready for "photo ops" of fjords and bays that sea lions and whales call home. As you and your partner make your relationship closer and closer you continue on your Couples Cruise with a romantic day at sea ahead of you. Limited space available so click away and cruise Alaska with Dr. Perry and Jewelry Couture. Follow this link to romance! http://www.sbtravel.com/specials/pdfs/JMPerryCouplesAlaskaflyer.pdf www.sbtravel.com
Dr. Perry's Couples' Cruise is all about romance and relationships. You and your partner will love every port on this once-in-a-lifetime tour of Alaska. After Juneau you set sail to Skagway where Gold Fever was at epidemic levels at the turn-of-the-century... excursions are by way of trains, planes and yes automobiles as the romance of adventure and the prospect of finding a nugget or two yourself make this port a fabulous day of discovery. The biggest discovery for everyone on Dr. Perry's Couples Cruise is the increased love and depth in the relationship between you and your partner. World Class Cruising and the Relationship Expert, Dr. Perry. Sign up today, your cruise is just a click away. http://www.sbtravel.com/specials/pdfs/JMPerryCouplesAlaskaflyer.pdf www.sbtravel.com http://www.sbtravel.com/specials/pdfs/JMPerryCouplesAlaskaflyer.pdf www.sbtravel.com
This Saturday, February 25 I will be presenting the first of my "Fundamental Five "G's" for a Common Sense life! The first of the five is "GUTS" Operating From Strength. Everything about your life originates from your relationship with yourself. How you choose to see what is in the mirror determines all your life's outcomes, rewards and consequences. What you radiate you attract. People will treat you the way you teach people to treat you. If life is going well... you did that, if life stinks, you did that, and if life is a new level of under-whelming vanilla... you did that too. So regardless of how you might like to snatch a rationalization from the jaws of logic, every morning you always wake up you, so you are always attending that party. So it is insane to continually attend a party where you do not like who is there. Therefore my next radio show is devoted to providing a simple, cogent and easy to understand method on how to strengthen your self concept and operate from strength instead of continually compensate for weakness. Plan to tune in and let me know what you think. Listen on the air at 1520 AM or stream on-line at KVTA.com. This Saturday morning, February 25th from 9a to 11a Pacific Time!
Dr. Perry is making a special guest appearance on The Coach Ron Tunick show Thursday afternoon at 4:10! Listen in as Dr. Perry and Coach Ron talk about The Couples' Camp and Dr. Perry's Couples' Cruise. Make your relationship stronger with the Dr. Perry's Couples' Camp on AM 1400 KKZZ Drive home with Coach Ron and Dr. Perry. The Business of Life hosted by "Coach" Ron Tunick | AM 1400 KKZZ listen online: www.am1400coach.com
Alaska's capital Juneau. Gracefully balancing frontier ruggedness and a cosmopolitan flair Juneau features the Mendenhall glacier, whale watching and dogsledding for the more adventurous couples' camp cruisers! All of this fun, romance and exploration while you enhance and strengthen your bond with the guidance of the premier relationship expert, Dr. Mitchell Perry. Book today! http://www.sbtravel.com/specials/pdfs/JMPerryCouplesAlaskaflyer.pdf www.sbtravel.com
Dr. Mitchell Perry http://jmperrylearning.blogspot.com/2012/02/couples-cruise-to-alaska.html The first port you visit on Dr. Perry's Couples' Cruise is Ketchikan, Alaska. Known as "The Salmon Capital of the World" "Ketchican" means "spread wings of thundering eagle" a tribute to the hundreds of eagles that nest in the picturesque mountains above Ketchikan. Watch your relationship soar to new heights with Dr. Perry's personalized seminars on this once-in-a-lifetime cruise vacation. Book now! J.M. Perry Learning: Couples' Cruise to Alaska jmperrylearning.blogspot.com

You are invited to Couple's Camp part 1 on my next radio show! Make a point to listen to the show with your sweetheart. Tune up your union! Put on your bathrobe, and slippers and cozy in to Couple's Camp. That and more on my NEXT RADIO SHOW - Sat., Feb 18. "THE DR. MITCHELL PERRY SHOW - APPLIED COMMON SENSE" - Sat. mornings - 9:00-11:00am (PST)- KVTA AM 1520 on the radio or log on towww.kvta.com 
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Join this Couples' Cruise with renowned relationship expert, Dr. Mitchell Perry, on the magnificent Celebrity Infinity sailing the beauty and magic of Alaska. Enjoy his funny and informative sessions on relationships, love and strengthening your union.
SENIOR PRAYER: "God grant me the senility to forget the people I always disliked, The good fortune to run into the ones I do like, And the eyesight to tell the difference!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!